Landscape Design Services

“Some think good design either solves challenges or fulfills dreams
but we believe it should do both!”
~John Lynch

Lynch Landscaping believes that communication is the key to insuring lawn & landscape design success. We work closely with you from the very first meeting to the last installation to an ongoing maintenance plan.

Site Visit

Landscape DesignA Site Visit will be arranged to address all landscape ideas, layout, measurements and site specifics and constraints – outdoor use and rooms, play areas, edible landscapes, slope, water, light, soil, plant material, stone options, etc.

Landscape Design Discussion

The possibilities can seem endless – and overwhelming – we will help to focus these ideas into a plan that works for you, your home, cottage and/or business – that will provide years of beauty and function.

Project Packet

A Project Packet will be prepared containing a complete, to scale, layout design, photos and descriptions of all plant material, stone and hardscape material as well as a detailed written plan that will outline the project scope as well as pricing.

Landscaping & Design Solutions for Waterfront Properties


Waterfront properties are special in the State of Maine for a whole host of reasons: beautiful views, peaceful sounds, private swimming access, fishing, boating and water sports combine to make these properties special. One of the most important things about these special properties is they are the last bit of land before the “natural resource”. This is an obvious statement but it is important to note because whatever is done to these properties will have a direct impact on the waters they abut. This direct impact leads to a unique responsibility for the owner and is the reason these areas have stricter laws and enforcement regarding development.

At Lynch Landscaping we pride ourselves in finding creative solutions in providing beautiful and sustainable landscapes while protecting our natural resources for years to come by working with state and local governing agencies.