Full Service Lawn Care & Mowing Services

LawncareLynch Landscaping Inc. provides a wide array of lawn care services to ensure our residential and commercial customers turf areas remain healthy and vibrant in their appearance. Some of the services we provide are listed below, however, we feel that the best way to approach lawn care is to meet with the customer at their property and talk about the expectations and the appearance that is desired.

Lawn Mowing

Our technicians are trained using the PLANET (Professional Lawncare Network) standards.


De-compacting of lawns to allow healthy root growth.

Split Seeding or Over Seeding

To introduce new grass varieties, assist de-thatching practices, thicken a sparse lawn.


The removal of the dead organic matter in the lawn that retards healthy growth.

Fertilization and Weed Control

Using the best and most appropriate program(s) to meet the needs and budget of the client using Organic or Synthetic Programs.

Maintenance Plans

The proper maintenance of a landscape is important to its health and appearance. Below are services that can be part of a Complete Program – we can tailor a program to meet your specific needs and budget.

Spring & Fall Clean-Up

'Clean-Ups' will make your property clean and neat as well as safe from all debris and fallen limbs. Clean-Ups are necessary for the health of your lawns and landscape beds by allowing air circulation, light and moisture to penetrate while removing compacted debris that can harbor pests – like snow mold, ticks, mice and unwanted insects.


The proper application of mulch provides a unifying finished layer to landscape beds and trees while retaining necessary moisture, providing organic matter to the soil, limiting weeds, protecting trees from machinery and insulating roots. Using the proper mulch is equally as important – we maintain our own supply of a variety of mulch products to suit your landscape needs.


Proper pruning is necessary to the health of trees and shrubs. Removal of broken and diseased limbs maintains proper health while the removal of unnecessary branches opens plants to allow light, air and moisture to reach the plants to insure healthy growth and longevity. With the selection of the right plant for the right place, minimal pruning may be necessary to maintain height.

Turf Care

Proper mowing is important to the health of any turf. Just as important is correct applications of fertilization programs. Lynch Landscaping is fully accredited by NOFA in turf care. We are licensed by the Maine Board of Pesticides allowing Lynch Landscaping to address most of your insect and weed pest issues. Committed to using the best and most appropriate program utilizing Integrated Pest Management we will develop a plan that suits your individual needs using organic or conventional approaches.

NOFA    IPM Accredited

Please see our About page for a list of licenses and certifications.