Tick Control

LawncareTicks have become an ever-increasing concern for people who live and/or summer in Maine. With the higher incidences of Lyme and other less common diseases associated with ticks we at Lynch Landscaping felt it necessary to take steps to ensure the safety of our customers and their friends and family. Thus, in addition to providing guidance regarding landscaping techniques to reduce the number of ticks we also provide a three-part spray program designed to eliminate ticks in the areas most frequented when enjoying outdoor activities.

Our technicians are trained using the PLANET standards and are licensed by the Maine Bureau of Pesticide Control in the area of Biting Fly & Other Arthropod Vectors (Ticks).

Mosquito and Black Fly Relief

We offer “event control spraying” of both Mosquitoes and Black Flies. This service will provide a significant reduction in the mosquito population for up to 5 days and of the Black Fly population for up to 2 days. We suggest spraying approximately 36 to 48 hours prior to an event and are happy to work with parties to ensure the proper timing necessary to limit any “unwanted guests”.

Long-term control of mosquitoes requires a multi-faceted approach of landscape habitat monitoring combined with appropriate spraying and hatching source elimination. Our technicians are licensed by the Maine Bureau of Pesticide Control in the are of Biting Fly & Other Arthropod Vectors and will work with you to develop a plan that meets your needs.