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Over 10 Years Providing Mosquito and Tick Protection in Oakland

Not only can mosquitoes and ticks be a nuisance for your family as you try to enjoy your beautiful backyard, but they can also be a serious health risk. Partner with Lynch Landscapes for mosquito and tick control, and protect your family today!

We just had the first of two jobs completed by Lynch Landscaping and could not be happier with the results!


Mosquito and Tick Control in Oakland

Mosquitos and ticks aren't just a nuisance when they infest your outdoor spaces, they can also be a real risk to the health and safety of your family and furry friends. If you want to protect your loved ones from flea and tick-borne illnesses like Lyme disease and West Nile Virus, while also making your outdoor spaces more livable, Lynch Landscaping’s Oakland mosquito and tick control services may be just what you need!

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A Family-Owned Business You Can Trust

As a locally-owned and family-operated business for over a decade, we work hard to offer quality care that fits our neighbors' needs, whether that’s a summer full of mosquito and tick free days outdoors, or a one-time treatment to help make a special event a bite-free zone. Our fast and effective Oakland mosquito and tick service include:

  • An inspection carried out by our master licensed mosquito and tick exterminator.
  • A specialized plan that addresses your yard’s unique needs.
  • A combination of EPA-registered treatments including perimeter sprays, misting treatments, and more.
  • 3-5 thoughtfully timed applications to coincide with mosquito and tick life cycles.

Are you ready to spend your summer mosquito and tick free? Give us a call today at 207-474-2420 to get a free-estimate for our high-quality Oakland mosquito and tick control services!


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