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Do You Need Landscape Supplies?

We not only provide the best lawn and landscaping services in Maine, but we also sell landscape supplies and offer delivery on Saturdays! Explore our products below and find what you need.

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Landscape Supplies

Flourishing Garden

At Lynch Landscaping, we are dedicated to being your full-service landscape and outdoor living provider. We not only provide the best lawn care and landscaping services in Maine, but we also sell landscape supplies.


Price: $40.00 
Description: This dark brown softwood mulch is made of primarily hemlock bark. This product has been aged creating a neutral pH mulch. 
Use: When mulch is applied about two to three inches deep to planting areas it retains moisture providing the plant with more available water; it acts as a natural pesticide keeping unwanted pests and weeds away from the plants, and protects the plants from machinery.

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Compost: Organic

Price: $38.00
Description: Our compost is made primarily of horse and chicken manure. It is screened to 3/8 of an inch and is fully cured. 
Use: Compost can be used anywhere you need an increase in organic matter and beneficial organisms. Compost is commonly used in the garden to boost yields, on lawns as a top dressing and around trees, shrubs and perennials to increase their performance by increasing necessary organic matter.

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Erosion Control Mulch

Price: $36.00
Description: This is a dark brown mulch that consists of different sizes of bark ranging from, about, four inches to half a inch with some rock and sand mixed in. 
Use: Erosion control mulch can be used for paths, walks, seating areas and around plants. It is particularly good at slowing down water and will not migrate like other smaller mulches in heavy rains.

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Price: $32.00
Description: Our loam comes primarily from farm fields that are no longer in production. We add a small amount of compost to this product and then screen it to ¾ of an inch.
Uses: This product works well for patching or installing lawns.

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Super Loam

Price: $35.00
Description: This product is a 50/50 mix of organic compost and loam.
Uses: Super Loam works great for establishing gardens. It can also be used to establish lawns or for top dressing.

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¾ Stone

Price: $37.00
Description: Blue Shale has been crushed to ¾ of an inch to make this product. All of the fines (dust that does not allow drainage) have been screened out.

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Crusher Dust

Price: $24.00
Description: This product is made out of small angular stones that are less than a half-inch in size. Fines or dust is mixed in with the stone. 
Use: This product works well as a base for setting stones or pavers. When wet and compacted this product is excellent for use in driveways. 

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Gravel 1.5 Inch

Price: $24.00
Description: This gravel has been screened to 1.5 inches minus.
Uses: 1.5 inch minus is used primarily as a top layer on gravel roads and driveways.

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Price: $20.00
Description: This sand is fine in texture and tan in color.
Uses: This product is great for sand boxes. It can also be used to fill in low areas.

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Delivery Rates

Delivery available on Saturdays. Minimum for Deliveries: $100 (includes delivery fee)

Rates for a 3-Yard Truck (Per Delivery)

  • Norridgewock $25
  • Smithfield $30
  • Madison $30
  • Mercer $30
  • Fairfield $35
  • Rome $45
  • Waterville $40
  • Canaan $40
  • Belgrade $55
  • Oakland $40

Rates for a 6-Yard Truck* (Per Delivery)

  • Norridgewock $35
  • Skowhegan $42
  • Smithfield $42
  • Madison $42
  • Mercer $42
  • Fairfield $52
  • Rome $65
  • Waterville $60
  • Canaan $60
  • Belgrade $75
  • Oakland $60

 If your town is not listed please call for delivery pricing.
* 6-Yard Truck for light material only

All pricing is based on one yard of material (one yard of material equals approximately 8 wheel barrel loads). Our supply yard is located at 78 Maple St in Norridgwock, ME. Contact us today for more information! 

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