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Get a Stunning Outdoor Space With Our Lawn Care Services!

Everyone wants a lawn that matches the beauty of our Maine landscape, so why not make it a reality? With extensive knowledge and superior products on our side, Lynch Landscaping can turn any lawn into a stunning outdoor living space. Whether your lawn is in bad shape or you simply want to take it to the next level, Lynch Landscaping is here to help.

Lawn Care in Central Maine

Healthy lawn with beautiful garden

Lynch Landscaping, is your local one-stop shop for impeccable service and quality. As a family owned and operated company, we consider our customers to be friends and neighbors. We love providing services to our local community and take great pride in providing top quality service with a personal touch -- every time. For personalized, customer-centric service from a local company, look no further than Lynch Landscaping!  We offer quality lawn care services in:

Everything Your Lawn Needs to Be Healthy

Due to our long, cold winters and unique soil conditions, keeping a healthy, vibrant lawn can be difficult in Maine. Fortunately, we know how to stay one step ahead of Mother Nature, thanks to years of experience taking care of yards just like yours. With our high-quality products and unmatched lawn care knowledge, we’ll give you the vibrant lawn of which you’ve been dreaming. We can provide everything your lawn needs to be healthy throughout the year, including: 

  • Fertilization
  • Weed Control
  • Disease Control
  • And More!

We’ve created the perfect seasonal treatment program to address your lawn’s needs throughout every season. Just like any other living organism, your lawn is a plant that has very specific needs in order for it to thrive. From organic and traditional fertilizers and herbicides to specially-formulated seed blends, our team has access to the best resources to create a healthy lawn for you.

Boost Your Lawn With Aeration & Seeding

Along with our general lawn care program, we also offer additional seasonal services that can give your lawn an extra boost throughout the year. While ongoing fertilization, weed control, and disease control are necessary to maintaining a healthy lawn, there’s, even more, we can do to make sure your lawn is its most vibrant self. We also offer additional lawn services that include aeration, seeding, and dethatching. How can these services help your lawn? We’ll tell you.

  • Aeration: Best done in the fall after harsh summer conditions, aeration can give your lawn a breath of fresh air. By digging small holes throughout your lawn, extra nutrients and oxygen can reach the deepest parts of your lawn’s root system, encouraging your lawn to grow thicker and stronger in the fall. 
  • Seeding: Best done immediately after aeration, seeding can also help take your lawn to the next level. We’ll distribute grass seed across your yard, turning bare patches into thick grassy areas and giving your lawn a denser, more even spread around your property. 
  • Top Dressing: Spreading a thin layer of high nutrient organic matter consisting of compost and loam over the top of turf areas, especially when done in conjunction with aeration and overseeding has been shown to accelerate new growth, fill turf gaps, and positively alter the structure of the root zone. Lynch Landscaping’s newly obtained top dresser is state of the art and provides a true advantage to those looking to improve their turf and soil.   

We Offer Commercial Lawn Care Too

In addition to residential areas, we also offer our lawn care along with vegetation management services to commercial properties. From the smallest yard to the biggest lot, we can provide prompt service and long-lasting results that cater to your property’s every need. Your business’s landscape is the first impression you make on customers, so why not make it the best one possible? Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about our commercial rates! 

Trust Our Certified Professionals 

Lynch Landscaping, we’re experts in all areas of lawn care, and we’ve got the credentials to prove it! Our technicians are licensed by organizations such as Northeast Organic Farmer’s Association, Professional Landcare Network, The State of Maine board of Pesticide Control and LakeSmart, ensuring we will always deliver the service and results that you deserve. 

Get Your Free Lawn Analysis Today

Professional lawn care can take your lawn to a higher level of excellence, so contact us today and our customer service representatives will schedule a free lawn care consultation in no time. Whether you need residential or commercial service, we are delighted to make your lawn the best it can be! 

Enjoy the lush, green lawn you've been waiting for!

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