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Blue Roof lawn

Property Care

Lynch Landscaping offers property care for residential and commercial locations. Routine mowing and trimming are not only good for the aesthetics of your lawn, but it’s also good for the health of it. Lynch Landscaping mows turf at a height where grass looks groomed, and cuts at a length that promotes deep root growth, denser grass, and builds up stronger turf against the spread of pesky weeds.

What’s included in our property care services?

Customers are able to pick how much and how often their property is cared for. We offer mowing packages from:

  • Basic (14-16 mows)
  • Standard (18-20 mows)
  • Professional (22-24 mows)

All of our mowing packages include trimming, striping, and leaf blowing.  All mow clients receive either a fall or spring clean-up with an option of having both.  We also offer maintenance packages from:

  • Basic (1 visit per month)
  • Standard (2 visits per month)
  • Professional (3 visits per month plus installation of annual flowers in spring and/or fall).

Maintenance includes weeding and fluffing of mulched flower beds and general care for your plants.

We also encourage our Property Care customers to look into our other Lawncare services such as spraying for weeds/insects and our fertilizer program. For more information, you can check out our Lawncare page.

Our goal is to provide high quality, professional services for all of our customers, and making your lawn look exceptionally groomed and healthy. 

Blue roof lawn
Fall leaf cleanup
Fall leaf cleanup
Large mowed lawn on a hill
John's mowed lawn
KVCC mowed lawn
Lawn at St. Agnes
Rohm mowed lawn
Tardiff mowed lawn
What customers are saying
"Thank you JC and Mike for the nice job you did taking care of all the leaves on our lawn and along the ditch in Strong. You always go above and beyond expectations. I always look forward to having you come. Thanks again."
— Louanne & John, Strong

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