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Aeration & Overseeding

August 27, 2021
Aeration & Overseeding
We've had a couple of people reach out recently and ask us... What's aeration and overseeding, and why should I do it?
These are great questions, and here's our answer... 
Like all living things - grassroots need air, water, and nutrients. Combining aeration and overseeding helps your grassroots get all of these things which in return creates a beautiful, green, luscious lawn! 
• Aeration is the process of removing “plugs” of soil in your lawn to allow air, water, and nutrients to penetrate deep into the soil.
•Overseeding is a service of spreading high-quality grass seed over your lawn. We HIGHLY recommend combining aeration and overseeding because seeds that fall into these plug holes are able to establish deep, strong grassroots that promote a healthy thick lawn!
Aeration helps with soil compaction, grub damage, brown/dead spots, thin or sparse grass, and the overall health of your lawn!
Fall is a great time to give your lawn a much-needed tune-up. Contact us today (207)474-2420 or to get a free quote!

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