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Question of the week! April 12, 2021

April 13, 2021
Question of the week! April 12, 2021 Categories: Newsletter

Quick answers!

When does tick spraying begin? Wednesday of this week - April 14th! 

If you are already having activity at your location call us and we will move you up on the list or if you haven't signed up yet let us know and we will ensure your house and yard are protected. (207) 474-2420. Ticks appear to be showing early activity and in larger numbers this spring.

When do residential spring cleanups start? Next week - April 21st!

We hate to remind everyone including ourselves that spring has arrived early this year and some cold may still be ahead. Our goal is to always have lawns ready to mow by the first week in May or a little earlier. However, sometimes Mother Nature has a surprise such as happened last year and to a greater extent a few years before that as the photo above will verify.

I saw a fire pit filled with stone.
Why would anyone do this?

(Is this a stupid question?)

Oh, this question could be so much fun but we will contain ourselves! What you observed is a new trend in outdoor fire pits, at least for Maine where we have been committed to wood for such a long time. Beneath the stone is a gas grate that provides the fire on command. The pit is extremely practical when one considers the lack of sparks, (especially in dry conditions), the ability to shut off the the fire and not worry about dousing the flames before heading for bed, the capability of almost anyone to start the fire, and with some pits the capability of controlling the style of flame one wants for a particular situation (i.e. ambiance or warmth)! We have had the opportunity to install these for a number of clients and all have responded positively! In answer to whether or not that was a stupid question: I will stick with my fourth grade teacher, Miss. Clisham who told me there is no such thing ..........

Can you help me out? I love my lawn and enjoy taking care of it. My neighbor says I'm wasting my time and that I should take up golf.

Let us try: 
     •  Well cared for lawns change carbon dioxide into oxygen helping to make our air cleaner and reducing the negative impact of pollution.
     •  Well cared for lawns help reduce run-off and prevent water and wind erosion. 
     •  Well cared for lawns reduce temperatures during hot summer days as much as 14 degrees when compared to asphalt.
     •  Well cared for lawns provide protection from ticks and other insects.
     •  Well cared for lawns provide a wonderful place for recreation and exercise including golf!!!!! Maybe you should give it a try!

Did we forget to mention it is:
 National Lawn Care Month?

Thought of the week:

Do you suppose that at some point the older generation will remember they were the younger generation of whom the same complaints were made that they are now making about the younger generation?

Simply put the folks we are now hiring are good young people who want to be successful in life just like we did when our grandparents said "you don't know hard work"!  Let's all take the pledge to give them the support that they need to become successful, productive individuals just like we turned out to be.

Have a great week and keep the questions coming! 

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